These past two weeks that I have spent in hungary have been fantastic! Spending time with the kids in Tiszadob really made me appreciate a completely different way of life. They may have had difficult background but every single one of them was friendly and awesome! Working and playing together with them really broke down any barriers there may have been and formed great friendships. The second week in Tiszalök was equally rewarding, clearing up their garden to make way for the new playground was fantastic. The kids really enjoyed getting out of the house too for the odd walk and playing with them was great! I would really recommend this experience to everyone!
Matteo, 19, Italy

Firstly I want to say an enormous “köszönöm”(Thank you in Hungarian) to every single person that I have met in these two special weeks. It has been an AWESOME experience and I know that it wolud never have been the same without you all.
One of the best things that I remember and I want to talk about is the last day in Tizadob camp. After the hard work in the morning, I was talking with Tibi (a.k.a Ronaldo) and the other Tibi and I found out that it was the birthday of the second one. So me and the other boys decided to go to the supermarket and buy the ingredients in order to bake a cake for Tibi. In the road I spoke a lot with Tibi (Ronaldo) and David and I really felt as i knew them since years and years. The two Laci helped me and the other volunteers to cook: it was really funny, the “kids” were really involved and enthusiastic of this activity. After packing we all went to the river and I had a lot of fun with all of you: we played in the water, we played volleyball and we enjoyed the day all together. Back home, me and Kamila and Laci (the big one) gave the cake to Tibi: he was in the lounge of his floor. When we entered in the room we began to sing “happy birthday to you” and other kids joined us. Tibi was so happy, surprised and moved. We ate all together the cake and Tibi offered to everyone a strange red bibit!
The night too was really cool..we had a lot of fun in the big party/rave in the garden..the only hard thing has been to say goodbye to the friends that i have met there.
Now that i’m back home, i can feel that i have left a part of me in Hungary, all of you gave me so many unforgettable moments that will stay forever in my heart. I’m pretty sure that i will return there, i really miss you all.
Stephanie Blanchard (Steph), 19, Italy

Preparations of the camp were fast and furious,with big expectations,but also some doubts like what if i do not find the right way to communicate with the people? Luckily, those fears and doubts started wanishing as soon as our group entered the hot and sweaty train that should lead us towards Tiszadob - Everybody was so motivated!
It made me start the camp with a warm feeling of trust in the power of the group. Eventhough the first days were a bit hard because we were in sort of testing period, but afterwards all the activities went wery well - communication worked well,english classes were provided (you have to remove the weeds), we had lots of fun working in the swingchain (upmost macho) and in free time, you could just bet to find us at the beach or the icecream shop. After relaxing weekend the real hard work began anew in a nearby village Tiszalök. Working with mentally handicaped children made me think that i am a bit handicaped as well, because i couldn’ t find the right way to connect to them, but I guess it would be a long way to learn it. I think we made some nice positive experience, both volunteers and the locals and that is a very good outcome of this project.
Kamila, 24, Czech Republik, campleader-assistant

This two weeks were amazing. At the first moment I did not know how to communicate with the people who only speak Hungarian. I did not know how I should start to speak to them. But I learned it. When you see how happy the people there are if you work with them or only just spend time that is amazing. For me the second week was harder than the first one. We worked always for two people and you couldn’t really speak to the kids because they have mental disabilities. One afternoon I took a t-shirt with me that I did not like so I gave it to a girl in the children home. She was so happy about it. A little later I saw that there were some textile colors and so I planned to paint with her the t-shirt but in the end I did it on my own. But she was so happy, I really had a great feeling in me. We also learned a lot about the background of the kids. It was great to hear about it but it was very hard. What I did not expect for the second week was that the goodbye from the kids was so hard for them. I thought they will not realize that we will not come back in the next day but my expectation was false they realized it and they cried.
This two weeks I will never forget and I hope I will come back.
Julia, 18, Switzerland

I’m very happy that I could participate in this workcamp. It was a great experience and I would definitely like to do this kind of project again, in my country or somewhere else.
Andrea, 24, Croatia

It was my second workcamp experience, and there are no words to describe how amazing it was! Those two weeks were very real emotional roller coaster, with a lot of ups and downs.
We spent the first week in a child protection center with teenagers and children from roma origin. While in the first two days we were not sure how to approach them and get them involved in the voluntary work, in the rest week we were literally inseparable. We had become a great team, and together we did a lot of work and activities, such as parties, cultural nights, going to the beach or eating loads of ice cream :)  Despite the language and cultural borders we realised how much connects us after all and we left feeling like a big family.
The second week was very different, but not less amazing. We spent it another unit of the child protection center with youngsters having mental disabilities. They welcomed us very warmly and together we worked on cleaning their garden and building a nice playground. It was not always easy, but seeing the smiles on the kids and caretakers faces was the best recompense ever.
I am really amazed how much we achieved in such a short time, and how much I learned from everyone. I can’t wait to do a next workcamp!! Thank you guys for this unique experience!!
Celina, 23, Germany, campleader-assistant

I met a lot of new people, the teenagers, the mentally disabled children, volunteers and many, many more. All of us are so different and we didn’t speak the same language. But the connection was so strong with all of them and they took care of you as you were family.
There was one girl that was really shy. She didn’t join us for a long time and we had to really let her realise that we saw her and that we wanted her to be with us. The last day she came to me on the dancefloor by herself and she showed me how to dance, the shy girl. The smile on her face was unbelievable! That moment, I will never forget.
Madeleine, 21, Sweden

At the beginning of the workcamp I was worried and I had many doubts: will I be able to communicate with people who only speak hungarian? Will I be useful in work? Will my presence in the camp make any difference on the lives of these people?
All of my hesitations went away on the third day, because I realized how much we can have in common with teenagers from very  different backgrounds and how we can all go through language borders.
Maybe one week doesn’t change the reality of a person, but it is sure that we provided them a very positive experience that they will remember.
I’ve learned a lot of other people, and also about myself. I would have never thought that a group of strong and tattooed guys would cry for a group of volunteers that they’ve met only a week before, but the truth is that we are all human and we share the same feelings.
Laura, 19, Spain

Újra itt a Dzsindzsa Crew! - Oszoly-zug

Report about the autumn reunion of our Csobánka-camp on the page of the Scout Centre! Enjoy it! (in hungarian)

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Report about the camp in Csobánka on the page of the Central-European Scout Centre

Attending Jászberény workcamp was probably one of the best decisions I ever made. It felt really good to get away for a while, spend some time in nature and talk to people, learn about different cultures and enjoy myself. Csango festival was great, we had an opportunity to see and meet dancers and musicians from Hungary, Kenya, Spain, Venezuela and Serbia, and knowing that we were part of organization of such an important festilval inspires me a lot. I’ve been to Hungary before and I will go there again, because hospitality and kindness of these people is amazing! I’m sure that if you choose this workcamp you will have a fantastic time and make connections with your peers from all over the world :D

I had a really great experience at my camp!! It took some time to adjust to the environment and people surrounding me, but after the first shock, it all came to it’s place. I met some great friends along the way and had fun times sharing everything with them for 2 weeks. The best part of the camp for me was the actual festival, especially the dancing workshops. We had such a good time there :))I would like to thank the organisation, our camp leaders and all the participants for another life experience that I’ll carry with me for life..Martina 

My experience at the Jaszbereny workcamp was not what I expected. It was my first time volunteering and what an experience it was. I met some amazing warm fun kind hearted people that I will never forget.Every day was a new experience whether it was going to new places helping new people or even just going back to the camp in the evenig to cook dinner, we all did it together everyone helped out laughed,joked,shared different sties about their own lives  their own countries cultures, customs, family and much more.For me this was one of the best things about the camp. The school we lived in had everything we needed it was in the countryside which I loved and the local people in the area were very kind and appreciated what we were doing and in return they brought us fresh vegetables homemade jams and lots more this was avery simple gesture that for me meant a lot .I cant foget to mention our campleaders who did an amazing job in every aspect of the camp  especialy introducing us to hugarian culture, customs and heritage they are two people I will never forget.


Hey everybody,
i had a really great time at the camp in batonyterenye. It was so much fun to meet so many nice people.
We shared a really special experience together. The camp was good organised and the two campleaders did also a very good job.
we all connected very well. the food and accomodation was also very good.
of course, we had to get up very early and yes, we also had to work, sometimes very hard, too.
but the people i worked with were so great, that it was a good experience.
the area we worked on is really beautiful.
and the trips we did in our leisure time were also very interesting and fun.
Moreover we had the oppurtunity to participate in lessons of martial arts, which was also amazing.
All in all it was an awesome experience with a lot of great people.
Thanks to all.